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Subject:Re: Replicate Goal Seek function in VB .Net
From:Michael O (
Date:Jan 31, 2008 6:39:50 pm

Anyone interested in starting/joining an open source neural net project in .NET? I'm interested in joining (not qualified lead). I need a neural net down the road for a project I've been formulating since I was a youngster.

On Jan 31, 5:12 pm, "Andrew Badera" <> wrote:

Neural nets more likely ...

And yes, before the OP or anyone else asks, you can most certainly implement neural networks in .NET ...

On 1/31/08, Charles A. Lopez <> wrote:

On Jan 30, 2008 1:10 AM, Anthony <> wrote:

Does anyone know the Goal Seek Algorithm works and if it can be progmattically replicated in VB .Net?

I am writing a VB.Net application that uses a spreadsheet control (SpreadSheetGear) and i need to replicate Excel's Goal Seek function so i can use it in my application. I need to assume Excel is not installed on the clients machine, so i cannot just reference Excel and use its Goal Seek method.

I know the theory behind Goal Seek and the algorithm used, but i have found no practical examples on the web.

What is the theory? I've never heard of the Goal Seek Algo. Is it similar to Sieve or Erasthenes?

Does it have anything to do with Decision Trees?

Any ideas?

-- Charles A. Lopez

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