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Romeryto LiraAug 25, 2009 6:37 am 
Subject:[grails-dev] Problem with grails searchable plugin
From:Romeryto Lira (
Date:Aug 25, 2009 6:37:53 am


I have a problem with grails searchable plugin.

When I search another item for which no results, the following message is displayed:

Nothing matched your query - dsgsdfdfh

Suggestions: Try a suggested query: Search again with the suggestQuery option Note: Suggestions are only available when classes are mapped with spellCheck options, either at the class or property level. The simplest way to do this is add spellCheck "include" to the domain class searchable mapping closure. See the plugin/Compass documentation Mapping sections for details.

In the blue text that is actually a link, when I click, the following exception(in the link) is displayed:

This error is very stange. I tried but couldn't resolve. I tried to delete this message that contains the blue link, but not had success.

So, I hope your help. Thanks.

Ps.: The figure at which one can see the error is on the link below:

The link that gives error is circled in red.

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