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Subject:Re: Clicks Disappear!
From:Cool Dog ()
Date:Jul 29, 2006 11:07:59 am

Well, this happens all the time. But, when i follow the three things above i get credited.

You gotta remeber that adsense is a big company owned buy google. I live in the same city as Google and know every sleazy employment tactic they use. I'm sure they wouldn't want a person with nothing financial to lose like me to write a book and mass share on all the forums exposing this information.

I would point out all the facts that would prove and convince everyone that they are scamming the small guy!

Like: You never see big web companies talking about how they are getting screwed or they are not getting there payment etc. Why, because they have the money to sue the bastards.

My question is....... Where is my PIN PostCard?

This is one small timer that can do major damage if screwed. I may not have money, but I have an I.Q. of 132 that can do alot of Public Relations damage!