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Subject:Re: Running glassfish in foreground?
From:Sreenivas Munnangi (Sree@Sun.COM)
Date:Jul 27, 2006 3:11:24 pm

Jan Luehe wrote On 07/27/06 02:21 PM,:

Scott Oaks wrote On 07/27/06 14:14,:

asadmin start-domain --verbose

This is particularly useful if you want to send a kill -3 signal (CTRL-BREAK on windows) to see a stack trace, as that output is otherwise lost (depending on the state of the used to be lost, then it was fixed, then it was lost, and I'm not sure of it's state right now

It's not working with the latest 9.1 build, which is why I had filed ("-XX:+PrintClassHistogram" and SIGQUIT have no effect in default start mode) last week when I ran into this.


Jan, based on the following email exchange I thought the use of --verbose option worked for you. Can you pl. confirm.



This seems like a bug. Please file it. I just tried it. Workaround: asadmin start-domain --verbose. This should work, I tested it.

Thanks a lot, Kedar!

I've confirmed that your suggested workaroud does the trick.

I've filed


Thanks, Kedar


On Thu, 2006-07-27 at 17:08, Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:

Would it be possible to run Glassfish in the foreground (as opposed to work like a daemon, which is what happens when I do "asadmin start-domain")?

In other words, I'd like to do the equivalent of " run" with Glassfish. I can see the console that way (presumably where I can configure logs to be sent) and I can kill it simply with Ctrl+C.