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Sam VarshavchikMar 13, 2011 4:30 pm 
Subject:[Courier-imap] New development builds of Courier packages
From:Sam Varshavchik (
Date:Mar 13, 2011 4:30:09 pm

This is a development build of _courier_, _courier-imap_, _sqwebmail_, _maildrop_, and _cone_ packages.


The custom implementation of unicode-based character set mapping tables has been replaced by an iconv(3)-based implementation. This release also includes a major upgrade to sqwebmail that includes better support for flowed-format text, and a new search function.

== Backwards compatibility and upgrade notes

* The format of the autoreplies has changed. Autoreply content must now use flowed-text markup. This affects mailbot and the equivalent autoreply feature in sqwebmail. Existing mailbot autoreply files need to be edit and reformatted as flowed text. Ditto for autoreplies set up in sqwebmail. They need to be opened, and edited so that the only linebreaks occur between paragraphs. Additionally, the autoreply text in sqwebmail is now saved in UTF-8; existing autoreplies may need to be transcoded manually.

* When using sqwebmail to generate HTML text, the markup for generating text headings has slightly changed.

* Saved message signatures are now also saved in the UTF-8 character set, to get more consistent behavior when switching browser codings. Existing message signatures may have to be recoded.

* Site-specific message footer files, in the html/LANG directory, must now be coded in UTF-8, and use the format=flowed, delsp=yes text format, as per RFC 3676.

* Slight semantical difference in processing of signatures and footers. A signature, if specified, will no longer appear in the editable text area, but get automatically added to the message, upon submission. The signature will also be shown when previewing the message.

* A site-specific message footer file, if installed, will also be shown when previewing the message.

== Other, general changes:

* sqwebmail and Cone can now process mail coded in any character set that's supported by the system iconv(3) library, not just a few dozen character sets that used to be built into the codebase. This is true, of course, only if the browser or the terminal display supports UTF-8. Similarly Courier- IMAP now accepts search queries encoded in any character set known to iconv(3).

* This is due to the replacement of the internal character set and unicode library, that predates the standardization of iconv(3). The new iconv(3)- based API is completely different than the previous library API. The only remaining bits of code are mapping function that case-convert character data, as well as compute character width (there's no analogous functionality in iconv(3)). This is augmented by new implementation of unicode grapheme breaking and line breaking algorithms.

* Translating and mapping between different character sets is core functionality; from converting email content, in sqwebmail and Cone, to client's character set, to parsing i18n data from various mail headers (which have several different character set and language encoding formats as well), to searching and sorting messages, by sqwebmail, Cone, or the IMAP server. Most the impact from the rewrite should hopefully go unnoticed, aside from the larger character set universe known to sqwebmail, Cone, and Courier-IMAP.

* There's a new search box at the bottom of the folder index page. sqwebmail searches the messages in the order of their appearance on the folder index screen. The search starts with the first message on the folder index screen. If the folder index screen does not start with the first message in the folder, the previous messages are not searched, and the search stops when enough messages with the search string are found to fill one folder index screen. In this manner, a poorly chosen search string that finds a hit in a lot of messages will limit itself. If necessary, the search can be repeated after navigating the folder index screen to the starting point for the second search.

* Up to four occurrences of the search string in each message are shown on the search results page.

* Word wrapping rules in sqwebmail now use unicode line break rules, rather than simple word wrapping on whitespace. This should improve sqwebmail's word wrap with non-Western languages.

* Suppress logging the contents of a failed AUTH command in syslog, in case it includes encoded passwords.

* Fix requirements of rpm spec files, to depend on /etc/cron.hourly, rather than a specific cron package.

* Adjust indentation to avoid parts of DSNs unintentionally interpreted as quoted content.

* mailbot now generates flowed text-formatted replies.

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