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Subject:Re: [rekonq] rekonq 2 merged in rekonq main repository
From:andrea diamantini (
Date:Dec 17, 2012 4:18:25 pm

Yes, I'm obviously trying. My first attempt was a tiny change in the KCookieServer/KCookieJar API to let people search just for persistent cookies. But it failed. I'm currently working on a second attempt following the same approach. If not, I though about implementing a different jar for the private sessions. But this second idea is probably an "hard" change in the kde cookie jar. I fear that "private sessions" are exactly the opposite idea around what the "monolithic" & "share it with every app" kde cookie jar is builded.

2012/12/17 David Faure <>

On Sunday 16 December 2012 18:41:31 andrea diamantini wrote:

- New private browsing mode (NOT based on KIO, as it seems our cookiejar is not enough "malleable" for it. At least in kde4)

Are you working on patches to make it "malleable" enough in the future?

If you need something, make it happen, don't just hope for others to do so :)

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