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Subject:[discuss] Are you advocating OO correctly?
From:Marco Fioretti (
Date:Nov 16, 2001 5:34:33 am

Hello all,

We often post and read, on this list, on the internet, or in the press, how wonderful Open Office and/or Star Office are.

It is my impression however, that most of this advocacy, while always in good faith, is often incomplete, misleading, and much less effective than what it could be.

Almost all OO/SO advocacy I am aware of is centered (limited??) on proclaiming loud and clear one of three topics:

1) I only use OO because it does all what I need, reading and writing MS Office formats perfectly

2) MS Office screwed my files, and I could recover them with OO/SO

3) OO crashes less than the other suite

In all cases, the underlying, fatal assumption is never attacked: even in our community MS Office formats remain as inherent to the intimate structure of matter as Maxwell's equations, and just as untouchable. Many times we use OO just to keep us afloat in a proprietary format world, to look as we too are regular guys who know how to do serious business. And we spend a lot of energy in developing and updating filters dealing with somebody else's marketing whims.

Hence, the question: who is advocating OO/SO correctly, that is:

1) rejecting all email with MS Office attachments, asking the poster to stop sending this virus ridden stuff, and send OO original formats instead?

2) complain with all sites who make available files for download only in MS formats?

3) Send files around only in OO native format, instead of "saving them as..."?

Saying "fine, now I have something free to read and write MS stuff" is wrong, and will keep us running forever. We just keep alive the fraud that OO and SO are "excellent free tools to open MS files". Puah!

They are full blown independent products: they don't need MS files to survive and be useful. We must come out in the open, PRETENDING AND SENDING OO native formats ONLY, and start from *THIS* to say to the astonished guy asking "what do
you *mean*, no more .doc/.xls/.ppt?" that we use something else which is:

fully WYSIWYG, cross platform, much more resistant to viruses and FREE

We must say "we refuse to exchange these kinds of files because we already work perfectly, more safely, and at a lower cost *without* proprietary office suites. And since it is free and cross platform, just install it if you want to keep doing business with us. You have nothing to loose"

Of course, there are many, many occasions where this is simply impossible, at least in such a direct way: you can't refuse documents from your boss or your most important customer. But even in those cases, you should really prepare and send all the reports/contracts in OO format, and explain with the highest sincerity that "I just forgot to change the format, sir, OO is so similar to MS office (apart from stability and cost, you know) that it happens often: and this format is virus free anyway, why don't you try it...."

Very often, if you chose the right words and/or have some power, the other guy
will install and start using OO. Eventually he or she will see that OO makes MS Office irrelevant and spread the word.

Thank for your time,