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Subject:[xwiki-users] [Survey] Feedback about XWiki and future features (
Date:Oct 23, 2015 6:19:38 am


In previous years the project launched surveys about features we’d
like to see implemented in XWiki (see 

After some discussions with fellow XWikiers we thought it could be interesting
to launch a similar survey in 2015, especially with the 8.x cycle approaching.
But this time instead of having a long list of features to vote on, we thought
it might be more interesting to have a few open questions that the community
could answer.

The aim of this short survey is to find out more about how satisfied (or not!)
the members of the XWiki community are with the XWiki product. 

We'd be happy to learn about: * what you like / dislike about the product * the features and improvements you’d like to see in the product in the future
and especially for XWiki 8.x

The survey will run till November 13 and the results will be synthesised and
made available mid-November through a blog post on the community blog ( )

The survey has 6 questions and should only take a few minutes: 

Thanks a lot for your contributions and for helping improve the product, -Silvia & Vincent