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Subject:Re: Write Maven Books - Packt Publishing
From:Andrew Close (
Date:Jul 7, 2010 6:16:04 am

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 7:00 AM, Ron Wheeler <> wrote:

On 07/07/2010 5:19 AM, Benjamin Wootton wrote:

Would anyone be interested in teaming up on something like this? Have thought about pitching a maven book before but don't have the cycles to go it alone....

There is a desperate need for a "Best Practice" book. You see all kinds of strange development practices being discussed here. They show up as complaints about Maven's inability to do some process but when you dig a bit deeper, the person has evolved a development methodology that makes no sense if you have Maven. The lack of this type of information also makes it harder to get started with Maven since there is lots of flexibility in Maven and if you read the documentation, silly ideas and good ones all seem possible.

If you look through the last few weeks of forum traffic and try to understand what the person was actually trying to do, you will see: a) odd source and resource structures in a project b) odd release strategies c) odd or missing dependency management

and the list goes on.

There are clearer "best" ways to integrate Maven into a development environment. A book on the subject will also have to touch on IDE integration, source management, maven repositories, continuous integration  and other development areas.

I would like to see a book targeted at the 80% of developers who should be using these tools "out of the box" with no custom plug-ins or custom setups. Discussing the odd-ball cases would only make Maven more confusing.


Best Practices Enterprise Usage ???