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Subject:HEADS UP: snd_hda MFC plan
From:Alexander Motin (
Date:Jan 5, 2009 2:13:58 pm

If there will be no objections, I am going to merge latest snd_hda driver from HEAD to 7-STABLE next days. Driver was extensively tested by many people with numerous hardware on both HEAD and 7-STABLE and provides many significant benefits. Discussions can be found on multimedia@ list.

The most user-visible difference, is that new driver often provides several audio devices even on simple systems. That devices refer the different physical or logical audio hardware parts and using different hardware connectors. This feature described in details in updated man page.

On most systems having several devices is not a problem, as mostly used analog connectors are usually detected first. But on some systems (for example, having separate HDMI ports on video cards, which are now also supported and often detected first), user may be required to explicitly configure his audio applications or by using hw.snd.default_unit sysctl globally specify default audio device he wants to use. This moment explicitly specified in updated man page and I am going to specify it in UPDATING.