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David KingNov 30, 2007 4:52 am 
Subject:Re: [online_help] Calc functions
From:David King (
Date:Nov 30, 2007 4:52:18 am

Connecting application help and wiki pages is work in progress. Currently, in an m238 developer build, we have seven references from the application help to the wiki, as for example

Thanks Uwe, but I was really talking about the move of the complete Application Help ( good new name :) ) to the wiki, as in your last mail, rather than individual links. lp_Online

It would be good to know when you folk expect to see that happen...

It's obviously a complex project, beset with difficulties - like how to restrict the size of App Help, how to deal with links from the App help that move on the wiki, whether to cache the wiki locally on a user's machine, how to deal with wiki changes to the Appl Help such as redefining the categorisation of Calc functions (which has an impact on the software as well), and so on. And presumably a lot of development on the Help viewer so it can display everything the wiki can.

In harmony David