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Subject:User's project-specific properties ability disabled after MNG-4060
From:Robert Scholte (
Date:Jun 24, 2009 4:31:40 am

I heard some time ago that the profiles.xml were removed in Maven3. Although I'm
still using 2.1.0 I want to be prepared for such changes.

IMHO I think it's a bad choice to remove this option.

Maven should provide some sort of way where developers can set/change project
properties without having to change the pom.xml.

I believe the pom should not contain developer-specific properties and which can
or will end up in any scm. Think of datasource-properties.

There are three degrees of properties:

- the global properties (combined with the activeByDefault-profile)

- profile-properties (where profiles cover multiple users. By OS, 'stage')

- personal properties.

These personal properties can only be used with a personal profile. A personal
profile is the best example of data which doesn´t belong in a pom but in a
separate file (and probably not in scm).

Personal properties should be somewhere close to the project, like in the root
of the project (yes, like the profiles.xml).

The both settings.xml is too far from the project and there's no option in the
(user's) settings.xml to set project-specific properties.

I think that if there was a vote concerning this issue it might result in a long
discussion. It's never too late for that, so let's give it a try.