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Subject:RE: X-TASS - where?
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Date:Jan 9, 2001 3:08:39 pm


And if it is a tool kit specification, we can use it for the compliance and conformance part of S2ML.


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I am baffled here. I can't see X-TASS, yet I think I'm being implicitly asked to support removal of X-Tass info from S2ML. I have no idea what the standardization efforts are underway for X-TASS.

Why not just merge X-Tass into S2ML rather than remove S2ML from Xtass? We have a standards body looking at authentication, why not use it for xtass?

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XML Trust Assertion Service Specification is a general framework for management of assertions. It is one of the design documents which was input to the S2ML.

At the moment I am revising the draft to remove the authorization examples since the plan is that S2ML/Auth-XML will serve that particular application. The intention is that X-TASS provide a toolkit on which other specs can draw rather than being tied to any one application.

It will be some time before the 1.0 draft is ready but I can send anyone who is interested a copy of the 0.9 draft as a pre-print.

Anyone know a good XML conference [1] with a call for papers open?


[1] i.e. in a location not submerged under two feet of snow like Boston is at present.

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Hi, The v.08a spec. refers to something called X-TASS but I can't find it anywhere.