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Subject:Re: [maildropl] Maildrop and Filesystem quotas..
From:Jay Lee (
Date:Nov 29, 2007 8:04:45 pm

On 11/29/07, Nathan Frankish <> wrote:

You are correct. The file system quota is in place to look after the entire domain (including www/ftp). in terms of how i decided to setup, i basicly allowed it that they could overalocate quota for mailboxs (ie if the domain has 1gig enforced by the file system, they could still have 100 mailboxes with a mail quota of 100mb) but that they would get stopped by the file system. It does seem that it isnt posslbe to make it play nice, so i shall work with it as is.

Shouldn't be to hard to write a shell script that determines how full each domain's FS quota is and shoots of an email to the domain admin when it reaches 90% capacity for the domain. Have cron run the script hourly and it'll at least give your domain admins a heads up before their email craps out on them...