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Subject:Re: [courier-users] courier-imap stopped workin for one single user only over night
From:Alexander Bruns (
Date:Jul 27, 2012 10:01:13 pm

Hi @all.

On my gentoo-box I finally solved the problem by deinstalling gamin and re-installing fam.

Here is a solution I got per Mail from another User using Debian:

-------- 8< Schnipp 8< --------- Hello!

I saw your thread here:

I'm not on that list but I had the *exact* problem that you did. I solved the problem and I was wondering if you could follow up on your own thread with the solution.

I'm using a system as described here[1].

My symptoms were exactly as you described - overnight a single user could not login. All of the log outputs were exactly as you wrote. The user's name was chad.

I looked for gam_server and found several. I killed the one owned by the user "chad" and then login worked.

That's it!

I remember that this happened to me several months ago and like you, I was really irritated that a reboot was necessary to fix the problem. I was *especially* irritated that I wasted an entire morning trying to fix the problem. I had to do that because "chad" is ME and I needed my email and the box is colocated and reboots are not always successful!

Please post this to your thread. Tell the world!

[1] System: debian testing courier-authdaemon:0.63.0-6+b1 courier-imap:4.10.0-20120615-1 courier-imap-ssl:4.10.0-20120615-1 (these are all debian packages, of course, but they at least give an idea of which courier I'm using) -------- 8< Schnapp 8< ---------



Hi Sam,

thx for the answer.

I gave gamin installed on my gentoo-box. But I did not got kicked out after ofer half an hour of waiting.

I killed all possible Processes, and restarted authdaemon and courier-imap several times.

Finally, I rebootet the hole system and that solved the problem.

So it is solved, but why does a reboot solved it, stupid. I changed noting lese on the system.

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