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Christopher AllenOct 24, 1997 11:09 am 
John PolstraOct 24, 1997 12:19 pm 
Christopher AllenOct 24, 1997 5:21 pm 
Subject:Re: Problem with make install in modula-3-lib-3.6
From:Christopher Allen (
Date:Oct 24, 1997 11:09:27 am

At 9:51 PM -0700 10/22/97, John Polstra wrote:

After you run cvsup to get your update, the updated sources will be in "/usr/src". Next you have to rebuild the system. The basic idea for doing that is:

cd /usr/src make world

and then go to bed and have a good night's sleep, because it will take a while (2 to 18 hours, depending on your system).

I've done this, and when I got back to my console it says that make world is complete.

However, after I reboot, and log on again, I still see:

FreeBSD 2.2.2-RELEASE (GENERIC) #0: Tue May 20 10:45:24 GMT 1997

Am I missing some final step? Shouldn't this say 2.2.7-STABLE or some such message?