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Subject:Re: (wifi4crea) Technical meeting: Aug 18@3pm, MPK16/1665: minutes
From:Michael Roy (
Date:Aug 22, 2008 1:44:03 pm

The bungalow will cost $100 total per night (housing everyone) x 3 nights Food while at Cocobolo, budget for $20 per day per person, I believe there will be 4 complete days. Cost of transport with driver there and back $150 total

On 21 Aug 2008, at 14:34, Gilda Garreton wrote:

Hi Michael

Thanks for the extra information.

Can you confirm how much are those hotel reservations? how much would the food be?



Michael Roy wrote:

Thanks Gilda,

I've actually now confirmed rooms for first two nights and last night in Panama City. I will organise some food shopping before then and probably finish on the Sunday before we leave while we also scour hardware stores. I've organised transport to cocobolo and back You can get a taxi from the airport to Clayton, Ciudad del Saber - I will confirm the address.

I forgot to mention other important things to bring: A towel. A light weight sleeping bag - it gets chilly at night a lightweight fleece for evenings A pillow if you need (inflatable or camping) hiking or rubber boots flip flops or sandals bug spray hat telescopic umbrella water proof bags, marine sacks to store or carry sensitive equipment will be useful - I am thinking about carrying that equipment up the hill of horseback since it is very likely to rain at some point.

I'll let you know if I think of more things - let me know if you have any questions

On 20 Aug 2008, at 03:53, Gilda at Sun wrote:

Hi there

Below are the minutes of the meeting on Monday

Attendance - Marco - Arshan - Bruce - Chris (on phone) - David (on phone) - Michael (on phone) - Gilda

Topics discussed

- Marco, Arshan and Chris are flying in Panana City on Saturday Aug 30th evening. Michael reserved already rooms for the first night.

- They will spend Sunday shopping material that can be brought from the US and planning work on Cocobolo. They should arrive in Cocobolo on Monday lunch time. It is quite realistic to think they will have 3 full days to work on the assigned tasks.

- Michael would be the food shopping before their arrival.

- A long discussion about the 2 possible scenarios. A. A "pure" WIFI link from Cocobolo to either Panama City or Tocumen. The airport as location was discarded because of difficulties to get access to the Internet from that area. Moreover, Michael said there are businesses in Tocumen with Internet access. B. A combination of a WIFI link with broadband technology.

The idea of using a network cable for part of the link to the Center was discouraged because there is a river in between + 2 owners.

- Micheal provided information about the potential locations in the hill where we could install the antennas. In some of part of the ridge, the forest can be up to 20mts high but there should be some places where there are no trees. Thus the goal is to find places with the least vegetation as possible.

- The plan is to have hiking trips, possible by horses to the ridge and get several locations with line of sights to Cocobolo. A GPS device (Marco's), a telescope (Micheal's), a dev broadband celular (?) (Arsha's) and a laptop (Arshan's) would be the equipment to use during those hiking trips. The RadioMobile simulations will be run by Marco on his laptop once he is back in the center. One trip to the hill is possible per day.

- Arshan and Chris will bring two antennas to run tests on site. Micheal will provide batteries for antennas. We expect to use similar hardware in our project and the two brands suggested by Arshan are

* * <>

- Bruce recommended to get familiar with Network Startup Resource Center ( He knows through NSRC someone in Panama who might help with network/broadband issues. He will send the contact information once he makes sure that person is currently in Panama. If yes, the team would try to arrange a meeting with him on Sunday Aug 31st.

- There is not Internet access in Cocobolo at the moment (the Satellite service was disconnected) so Arshan's dev cellular might be the only way to communicate with them. Marco will contact Gilda in case of problems with RadioMobile and she will escalate the issues if necessary.

- Since Mahesh didn't attend the meeting, Gilda will forward Mahesh's Towers questions to Marco .

Please correct or add comment


Just a remainder for Monday's meeting. Below is the conf call info:

Toll Free Dial In Number: (866)545-5227 Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (865)673-6950 ACCESS CODE: 6710701



It would be great if you can join us. Indeed the meeting is open to anyone who wants to help with this project.

Below is the conf call info:

Toll Free Dial In Number: (866)545-5227 Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (865)673-6950 ACCESS CODE: 6710701


David Abernathy wrote:


I wouldn't mind joining in as well -- I'm hoping to make it to Panama the same week.

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Hi there Below is the reserved room for our meeting. Conf call data will be provided later for those calling in (Chris and Mahesh). Meeting Title: wifi4crea Owner: GILDA GARRETON Reservation #: 10418528 Room Name: FAIRMONT HOTEL Building: MPK16 Floor: 1 Room #: 1665 Date: Mon 18-Aug-2008 Time: 03:00PM to 05:00PM Thanks Gilda Christopher Fusting wrote:

Yes, is it ok if I call in? -Chris

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Marco, Mahesh Would Aug 18 @ 3PM work for you? Thanks Gilda Arshan Poursohi wrote:

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anytime after 2:30 works for me on Aug 18 , and I've cc'ed Chris Fusting whom should join us too. -arshan

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 1:39 AM, Bruce Baikie < <mailto: >> wrote: Gilda Aug 18th is best for me, any time after 1:15pm and before 5:30pm. regards Bruce Bruce, Mahesh and Arshan, I'd like to call for a technical meeting in the week of Aug 18-22 @ MPK to discuss wifi, solar and towers topics with Marco before he goes to Panama. I'd also expect to discuss RadioMobile and cellular broadband issues. During that week, I can do any day except Tuesday. Could you please send me your availability and I will coordinate the meeting. Thanks Gilda