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Subject:Re: [xwiki-users] Printing pages as displayed
From:Clemens Klein-Robbenhaar (
Date:May 15, 2015 4:17:48 am

Hi Mahomed,

I just know an answer about the last one ... I hope the rest will be answered
by others.

If you want your skin customizations visible on the login page, too, then you
need to make sure the anonymous user can view the page with the modifications.

Giving the XWikiAllGroup view permisisons is not enough, but you are in the
right place; if you look at the top of of the list showing all groups and their
permission, you should find a button to switch from groups to users - there you
can give the "anonymous user" view rights, too.

This should work, unless you have secured the wiki in the adminstration with the
"black checkboxes" preventing any anonymous access, independent of view rights. If you have done the latter, then the wiki content is fully protected, including
skin customizations, and unfortunately you cannot have both a wiki completely
closed to anonymous visitors and still have them view that single attachment on
the login page; you would have to patch things by editing the webapp on the file system

Cheers Clemens

That’s cool. Thanks Vincent ☺

I finally got some time (and was forced to) look at implementing changes to the
print formatting. I had some mixed results. I’ll document what I’ve done below
and the bits I am having some trouble with and hopefully someone can provide me
with further tips.

1. I managed to format the PDF Export output by attaching a pdf.css file
to my custom skin application (as per This has
mostly worked for straightforward items like headers and font. But I am having
trouble with some of my tables and it would help if I could reduce the margins
of the page. QUESTION: Is there a simple way to modify the margins (I need narrower margins)

2. I tried to format the printed output but found that attaching a
print.css to my skin application did very little/nothing to format the output. I
tested by creating an article in the Sandbox, Clicking “More Actions” > “Print
Preview” > Press Ctrl+P. This was testing in Chrome and Firefox with the same

3. I then found that there were several @Media=”Print” sections in the
Style.css file. So I downloaded this, removed the @Media sections and
re-attached my new style.css to my skin application. This now allowed my
formatting in the attached print.css to take effect. So this now works and looks
as I would expect. But I don’t really like the idea of having my own style.css
as it’ll make it more difficult to take advantage of any new formatting changes
that may be added later (unless I’ve missed the point here)

4. I have locked down the xwiki so that only registered and logged in
users can view any of the documents. Unfortunately this now means that style.css
is not accessible on the login page. I have modified the access rights on the
skin application and given view permissions to XWikiAllGroup but I suspect I
need to somehow give access to guests but I can’t see how to do that.

Sorry for the long email and I hope I’ve explained clearly. Any help greatly
appreciated (as always).

Kind regards,