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Subject:Re: [courier-users] retrieving passwords from userdb
From:Jérôme Blion (
Date:Jul 29, 2005 2:22:32 pm

Alexandre Ghisoli a écrit :


We have the same issue here, while moving accounts from LDAP to PostgreSQL, then locally generate userdb files on our mailservers.

My first idea is to retrive actual password from authlib, as you can activate debug level3 where you can see password in logfile.

Activate this one month or so and you will get 99% of the passwords you need.

After this, you can make what you want with clear text password.

Hope this help

1 - No user should have read access on syslog files... else they will have passwords ! perhaps postmaster's/root's one ! 2 - Take care of filesystem space as it will fill quicker

It's not a good idea IMHO...