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Gerard RobinFeb 1, 2005 2:56 pm 
_brian_d_foyFeb 1, 2005 6:09 pm 
Subject:perlfaq5 & perlfunc
From:Gerard Robin (
Date:Feb 1, 2005 2:56:12 pm


just a question:

why in perlfaq5 there is no explanation to remove a file :

How to remove a file in perl ?

I searched in perlfunc, but I didn't find such function. It seems evident that the reader have to know the language C i.e. the fonction "unlink"

I think it's easy to add the information in the question:

Why does Perl let me delete read-only files? Why does "-i" clobber protected files? Isn't this a bug in Perl?

And when I did: wget

I have got: error 404 not found