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Subject:Re: [Openstack] Future of this General Mailing list
From:Stefano Maffulli (
Date:Oct 20, 2012 7:23:53 pm

[I realized now I replied privately only. This meant to be public.]

On Fri 12 Oct 2012 02:13:54 PM PDT, Frans Thamura wrote:

is this mailing list move to the new mailing list?

Yes, it will move to as soon as possible.

Here is what needs to happen:

- export list of subscribers and preferences from Launchpad (DONE) - test the exported list in a dev environment (TODO)

Once the test is done, we need to define and publish a roadmap with deadline to close the LP list, close the LP list/team to new subscriptions/messages, export the final list from LP, import it into and move on.

Honestly this last phase is not very clear to me yet. With the organization of the Summit taking priority, this task slipped in background. If you think this migration is urgent please state your reasons and the community may find resources to raise priority.