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Subject:Re: Cannot Login after Creating New Publication Following the Tutorial
From:Xiang Li (
Date:Jun 6, 2008 6:38:23 am

I changed the path of the data directory and did some other meaningless changes, and now the error becomes:

/Message: Resource Not Found/

/Description: The requested resource "/test/introduction.html" could not be found/

/Sender: org.apache.cocoon.servlet.CocoonServlet/

/Source: Cocoon Servlet/

The contents of the data directory and the pubs/test directory are given as follows. 1. Structure of the data directory is as follows: .: access-control content

./access-control: passwd policies

./access-control/passwd: admin.iml admin.rml administrators.gml edit.rml review.rml session.rml sitemanager.rml visit.rml

./access-control/policies: authoring introduction.html

./access-control/policies/authoring: subtree-policy.acml

./access-control/policies/introduction.html: subtree-policy.acml


2. Structure of the pubs/test .: config

./config: access-control publication.xml

./config/access-control: access-control.xml

For more information, - in the "test" directory of the publications i created only a subdirectory called "config", but i noticed inside the example there is also a subdirectory of "content" - I have no html files yet.

Hi! Our department is planning to migrate our homepage to a new CMS. I am currently trying out Apache Lenya. I followed the tutorial of creating a new publication given on the homepage. After compiling, the default main page can display the new publication. But when i tried to login for authoring, i was told "The publication with the ID "test" does not exist" where "test" is the id of the publication specified in publication.xml.

Could any one help me with this? Thanks in advance!