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Subject:[PEAR-DEV] OpenDocument status / support for multiple document types
From:Christian Weiske (
Date:Jun 8, 2009 9:51:20 pm

Hi all,

Today while starting to write docs for the OpenDocument package, I saw that it can do nearly nothing. There is not visible planned support for document types other than text docs ...

My idea is to split the OpenDocument class, which is basically just made for creating text documents, to OpenDocument_Document_Text and an OpenDocument_Document base class. The base class would keep general methods like - compare*Nodes - compareStyles - getChildren - getStyle - listChildren - save thus all methods that are general xml processing functions. Methods like createHeading, createParagraph will stay in OpenDocument_Document_Text.

Should we call it OpenDocument_Doc_Text for shortness?

The OpenDocument.php class would contain factory methods like - OpenDocument::text([$filename]) - OpenDocument::spreadsheet([$filename]) that return the class instances.

Ideas, hints?

The odt template file is not in CVS as I saw and should be put into the data dir.

... but maybe we should start with a PEAR2 OpenDocument package?

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