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Subject:vim + win + utf-8 => I'm lost
From:Mojca Miklavec (
Date:Aug 4, 2005 5:23:27 pm


1. I've been using vim for quite some time as a basic user, but I cannot figure out how to type unicode under Windows. When I installed vim to a friend's computer, windows + unicode was no problem at all, it's just my computer that's causing problems.

Someone said that probably windows doesn't pass the proper characters from keyboard to vim and I figured out that he was probably right. I'm using cp1250 by default and it works perfect. :set encoding=utf-8 also works, but I can't type in anything but plain ASCII. Copy-paste from and to other programs works OK.

In Control panel -> Regional options -> Advanced, there's an option "Select the language version for the programs which don't support Unicode". I selected Slovenian (cp1250) and cp1250 actually works with vim. Unicode in Mozilla also works without any problems. If I connect to a remote computer with putty (ssh) and use vim there, typing unicode is no problem at all.

I also worked with a computer under linux, where the encoding in locale was latin1. I also didn't succeed to type our characters (ccaron, scaron) from keyboard there, although kwrite, Mozilla, OpenOffice and many other graphical programs had no problems dealing with unicode and a foreign keyboard.

2. If I have a file in ISO-8859-2 encoding, I can't open it properly. :set encoding=latin2 doesn't have any influence on the way I see accented characters. The only remaining option is recode or other text editor.

3. I don't need to read Swahili and I don't need to have all the 10^\infinity Chinese figures, but with the font that vim uses by default (fixedsys) I can't see cyrillic, greek, euro symbol and some of the very common characters from European languages (with ogonek, cedilla, stroke, ...). Which fonts can be recommended?

Thank you very muuch for any hints, Mojca