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Subject:RE: [INUG-Users] How to install ISM
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Don't worry.

I have the solution.


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Hi All,

I'm trying to install the ISM but I have a little problem.

1. I've downloaded the software. It is <name>.tar.gz 2. With gzip -d <name>.tar.gz the output was <name>.tar 3. then with tar xf <name>.tar the output was a directory HPUX11. 4. Inside this directory there are 5 files COMMON.PNK, ISM.PNK, ISM_COMMON.PNK, ISM_SERVER.PNK, LICENSE.PNK one for each package but there isn't any to install these component.

Any idea ?

In the manual there isn't any topic about "Installation from a file" only information about how to install from a CD.

Thanks in advance.