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Subject:Re: [courier-users] Courier IMAP and MySQL and Quota
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Date:Sep 26, 2002 10:21:07 pm

Casper wrote:

Hi list,

I'm sure the answer to my question is somewhere on the net, but after reading about google pages, I still can't find the answer, which I think should be simple ;)

I have a running system with Postfix - Courier-IMAP - MySQL for a virtual domain system, which works fine for some time now. But within a short period of time we want to use QUOTA's on the Maildirs.... We have enabled the Maildir++ option in Postfix, which adds the mailsize to the filenames.

I don't remember that I enabled it or no on my mine

I also added a 'quota' column to the table from where Courier-IMAP looks up the user info and verified the QUOTA capability in the imapd config file... so far so good... But I really can't find what kind of information should be in the 'quota' column to make Courier report the quota to the client (squirrelmail in this testcase).

My mysqldump displays like this. It works fully but I don't know if this is the right: quota varchar(255) NOT NULL default '1',

With this configuration: 20000000 ~ 2Mo of quota

I can remember something like: 1000000S, 1000C (But does Courier support ' number of messages' limiting?) but I really can't figure it out anymore... I'm almost sure that the size of the quota should be in bytes.

And additional to this; I patched the Postfix Virtual Delivery Agent for supporting quota's, but this patch doesn't seem to give the option to send the mailbox a warning mail when reached at xx% of the quota... Any sugguestions on this one?

Your "postconf | grep virtual" must give you "virtual_mailbox_limit_maps= ...".

Thanks in advance for sharing the requested info !!!

- Casper

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