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Subject:Re: [Bf-committers] Collada importer/exporter kickout
From:skoti (
Date:Jan 7, 2012 10:16:13 am

I wanted to test your exporter on my example scene, but there are errors and the files are not compatible with the specification - for example in "<light>" you have a child "<optics>" ... in the specification have clarified that the "<optics>" may be only child of "<camera>".

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 16:49, Juan Linietsky wrote:

Ah, I tried to attach it to the e-mail, guess the mailing list does not accept attachments?

Here's a dropbox link:


On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 12:38 PM, Morten Mikkelsen<>wrote:

In my case I do not need morphs. I do need animation and skinning though. And obviously also geometries and materials. And it sounds like you have this covered? I have no sense of loyalty toward OpenCollada so if this is a viable solution I am for it. Can you make it available somewhere with instructions on how to install it so people can test it?

Cheers and thanks,


On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 7:06 AM, Juan Linietsky<> wrote:

Hi guys,

I made my own Collada exporter in Python and that's what I've been using. It's less than 1k lines of code and does not depend upon any library or anything, but it exports everything except morphs. I don't have much time to work on it at the moment, but it's so simple and complete that if anyone else want's to work on it, it should be really easy. I'm also not an expert at Python or Blender API so someone more experience can probably shape it up better. It's also much more stable than the official one (due to it being so small).

Feel free to do anything with it or integrate it into Blender, just credit me on the file. I would love to work more on it, or even make a proper importer since I have a high level of expertise in Collada, but I have very little time and must work to earn my meals.


Juan Linietsky

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Morten Mikkelsen<

wrote: Yes that's a very relevant point. A collada solution with just positions, UVs and normals is not a solution. In that case you might as well use obj format. I went through the hard work of writing a collada importer specifically to get skinning and animation into my tech frame-work.

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 5:03 AM, skoti<> wrote:

I know Collada importer / exporter is problematic (I wrote an importer for my engine and I know that everything in the Collada can be stored in N different ways).

- If you want to use the model in Second Life / Google Earth, you have to use Collada, if you want to use models in engines WebGL/Flash3D practically have to use Collada (is there any web engine with FBX importer?), Most game engines use Collada for importing data (support for FBX a few). FBX exporter also has bugs. Well, that FBX is in a blender, but it is not usually an option for people using Collada.

- If someone uses Collada it not for the base mesh + uv (then using *. obj) and for skeletal animation, lights, cameras and their animation (motion, color, light and their intensity), multiUV (uv for color, normalmap ... + uv for lightmap). And all this in current Collada exporter works well.

- No other exporter does not work here as well as Collada - ofc has bugs, but it has nothing what could replace the Collada in this task. In the future, Alembic can replace Collada, but not for several years.

IMO, better to leave Collada, until you will be able to replace it with success to other formats like Alembic (FBX is not popular in the software and you can not replace him Collada in most tasks).

On 7 Jan, 2012, at 12:30, Ton Roosendaal wrote:


I realize the proposal was harsh, but it was meant as a public


as well (to khronos, opencollada team, etc). I don't want to blame it on the hard working devs here. We do have collada IO work at some level, and that has been proven useful in several cases. The job is just incredible hard to achieve.

To move forward:

- userts who successfully applied .dae could also check whether


exchange format would have done the job as good. Tried FBX?

- note that for basic mesh (+uv) export, a quite simple script



the job already. It is probably a few days job for a py scripter.

- we are currently including about 100 MB of opencollada libs to

make a

feature work that's meant to be able to exchange (I+O) full shots or game environments, with character animation and so on. That's what Collada was designed for, and that's a target we can't support.



Ton Roosendaal Blender Foundation Blender Institute Entrepotdok 57A 1018AD Amsterdam The Netherlands On 6 Jan, 2012, at 21:21, Morten Mikkelsen wrote:

1) Official announcement that Blender drops Collada support 2) Move Collada support into a branch, out of trunk 3) Create a tracker "orphanage" or "branches" or so, where we put all reports that are not in support (anymore).

I just want to say though I am not up for the challenge of taking



this sub project I would be sad to see Collada support taken out



I use it often also with skinning export. I know many users do and eventhough I understand everyone's frustration I prefer the implementation that is there now (which I use often) to no built-in version at all. I am not disagreeing with any of the frustrating aspects of



you and others have mentioned. Just saying personally I do use it and would very much like to




With bugs and all :)

I have seen many other commercial tools with awful crappy .3ds importers and exporters but bad as they were they didn't take them out because people were still relying on them and using them. Despite



in them.