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Subject:Re: [jmock-user] Mocking a method that expects a generic collection
From:Steve Freeman (
Date:Nov 22, 2007 6:34:21 am

If you use a matcher for one parameter you have to use them for all, that's what the error message is trying to tell you. Perhaps we ought to reword it.

allowing(dao).update(with(equal(1)), with(is(List.class)));

Also, I tend to turn off the generics checking in code like this. I just find it easier to read than adding a cast.


On 22 Nov 2007, at 11:51, Richard Martin wrote:


I seem to be really struggling trying to mock this method call, its an update call that takes an int as the key and a list of value objects to be updates. I just want the mock to accept the call of move on but I just can't seem to get it to work, at the moment I dont care whats in the list that is sent to the method.

The method signature is public void update(int key, List<ValueObjectVo> updates)

and my expectations is something like

final Dao dao = context.mock(Dao.class);

this.context.checking (new Expectations() { { allowing(dao).update(1, (List<CampaignChannelMapVo>)with (is(List.class))); } });

That doesn't work due to "not all parameters were given explicit constraints: either all parameters must be specified by explicit constraints or all must be specified by literal values to match"

I've tried lots of different things now and I think im just being stupid as I can't find any real reference to this in the mailing list so it must be possible.

Any one point me in the right direction?

Cheers Bob

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