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Klaus WeideApr 26, 1999 4:23 am 
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Subject:documentation/4308: doc wrong about merging headers
From:Klaus Weide (
Date:Apr 26, 1999 4:23:12 am

Number: 4308 Category: documentation Synopsis: doc wrong about merging headers Confidential: no Severity: non-critical Priority: medium Responsible: apache State: open Class: doc-bug Submitter-Id: apache Arrival-Date: Mon Apr 26 04:30:01 PDT 1999 Last-Modified: Originator: Organization: apache Release: 1.3.6 Environment: N/A Description:


The HTTP specifications say that it is legal to merge headers with duplicate names into one (separated by semicolon). Some browsers

That should be "separated by comma".

Some special considerations may apply for cookie-related headers, but since this sentence tries to represent the general HTTP rules mentioning semicolon is wrong.


Fix: Change "semicolon" to "comma". Audit-Trail: Unformatted:

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