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Subject:Re: [arch] [GFv3] Installation specific "autostart" directory for OSGi bundles
From:Sahoo (Sanj@Sun.COM)
Date:Aug 26, 2009 8:42:24 pm

Thanks for the feedback. Based on the feedback, I have configured modules/autostart to be the directory which will be monitored for bundle addition/updation/deletion.

Problem Context: When GlassFish starts, the bootstrap process starts an OSGi framework (default is Felix), which is configured to start one of our bundles called osgi-main.jar. This primordial bundle is responsible for installing all the OSGi bundles available in modules directory tree. It also takes care of updating modified bundles and deleting removed bundles from OSGi runtime so as to keep the OSGi persistent cache in sync with the GlassFish installation. It then starts all other bundles that are necessary for server to start. This includes any bundle that has a Startup service or Init service. When such a service requires service from some other bundle, that bundle is started in the process. So, in essence, not all bundles are started automatically when the server starts. This lazy startup of bundles gives us good startup time and memory footprint. /But, it causes problems when we host bundles developed elsewhere in the modules dir/. e.g. Felix Web Console which can be used to manage OSGi runtime. Those bundles do not necessarily contain a Startup service to be started automatically. Unless they are started, they are not much useful. Although we have a domain specific autostart directory where users can drop OSGi bundles to be started automatically when server starts, such a domain specific directory can't be used to install update centre packages. As a result, we can't make useful bundles like the one mentioned earlier made available via update centre.

Proposal: I am proposing to add an installation specific autostart directory, where user can drop an OSGi bundle for it to be started automatically. We already have necessary infrastructure to implement it. I am open to the choice of names. The ones that come to my mind are modules/autostart/ and modules-autostart/. I am also of the opinion that these bundles should have same security privileges as bundles in modules/, as this directory is owned by the user who owns the installation, so it is already protected. These bundles will be started after server startup is complete unless there is a deployed application that uses a package exported by any of these bundles, so they can't typically affect startup time.

Opinions, objections?

p.s.: This issue came up during a conversation with Abhijit earlier today.