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edhinugApr 24, 2003 4:25 am 
LucianoApr 24, 2003 10:47 am 
Subject:Re: Minimal UI for konq-e
From:Luciano (
Date:Apr 24, 2003 10:47:46 am

Alle 13:25, giovedì 24 aprile 2003, edhinug ha scritto:


I've successfully compiled konq-embedded, now I want to configure konq-e so its uses minimal ui (no menus, no location bar, no button, just show html area). Why ? because I want to use konq-e as a user interface to our web bases info-sys via specialized machine. I don't want my user to go internet but they should connect via http.

Where should I configure (or hack ?? )

configure --with-gui=kiosk

will disable all widgets except the html viewer. You'll have to provide an URL on the command line or change the home url in the config file, if you want to use it, obviously.