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Subject:[Bug 496301] Re: Add Ubuntu Netbook Edition session
From:Loïc Minier (
Date:Dec 15, 2009 1:19:16 am

There's a missing ";;" in case statements, i.e. instead of: case a|b) foo esac

one needs to write: case a|b) foo ;; esac

Couple of questions regarding the conffile moving bits: * does it make sense to test for the version one upgrades to, or is it certain
that /etc/xdg/autostart/netbook-launcher.desktop will never be an use case
again? IOW, does it make sense for people to create this file themselves, or
not? * if the md5sum indicates the file has been modified, should you move the file
to another place as a backup (without removing it, but effectively disabling
it), or do you want to keep the two autostart files present (and hence enabled)?

(Is this otherwise ready to be sponsored? Not sure, you didn't resub the sponsors, wouldn't want to upload something which you might not consider ready)