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Simon L. NielsenMar 17, 2007 8:37 am 
Simon L. NielsenMar 17, 2007 10:57 pm 
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Subject:HEADS-UP: cvsweb3 imported into FreeBSD www CVS
From:Simon L. Nielsen (
Date:Mar 17, 2007 10:57:52 pm

On 2007.03.17 09:36:59 +0100, Simon L. Nielsen wrote:

I'm planning on importing cvsweb3 into FreeBSD www cvs this weekend. This should hopefully get is closer to having all the CGI scripts which actually work with perl > 5.0...

Thanks to danger@ and dvl@ Freshports has been tested with cvsweb 3 so freshports shouldn't be broken by the upgrade.

CVSweb has now been upgraded and has been switched to use perl 5.8. If anyone see any problems please poke me and/or this mailing list.

Just FYI, we (admins@) are seriously considering upgrading the current to FreeBSD 6, so it's quite possible www will have some downtime at some point, but it hasn't finally decided yet. Upgrading CVSweb was (hopefully) the last showstopper for doing this upgrade.