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Subject:Re: hgwebdir replacement - pylons hg app
From:marcinkuzminski (
Date:Aug 19, 2010 12:26:47 pm

Hi, I check the pylons graph and you're right, I have to check this but in my opinion it looks like a bug in yui-flot, since those 3 small graphs should be ploted on top of the longer ones in a different color and thus make them visible. I don't know if zooming would fix this but still it would be a nice option to show full graph and make a zoom on it. I'd update the hover, tooltip in new version. It'll show number of files changed/added/removed on together with number of commits. The churn extension looks very nice. I'll take closer look into it.

There's a lot to do, i really like to implement the hg-review extension into hg-app, and also work more on full text search on repository codes.

Thank you, and regards.

On Aug 19, 8:43 pm, Alberto Rodríguez <> wrote:

Hi Marcin, I really love the new dashboard-like Summary view!

My observations are mainly about the graph:

- The short chart bars are hidden by the tall ones. This can be seen in this page: Unchecking Ben Bangert will reveal three orange bars that were hidden behind the blue ones.

- If you drag the mouse inside the chart, a selection box is drawn, but I serves no purpose. I suggest you implement zooming, but in this case there is no need for vertical zooming, only horizontal zooming (in the time axis). For example: In this example the date format is rendered automatically depending on the zoom.

- More examples about the date

- Instead of bars you could use

- As Angel suggested it would be nice to have more statistics. For example, it could show the number of lines changes, file count, filter by tag, by developer, by branch, by date. Well, we can literally go crazy with ideas about charts and statistics. But this could be one of the most useful part in this project. Check this extension: this project:

Thanks again for your hard work and congratulations for this amazing piece of software.

Alberto César Rodríguez Tejeda

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 6:38 AM, Didly Bom <> wrote:

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 11:36 AM, marcinkuzminski <>wrote:

Hi Angel and thank's for the comments.

You can search in a particular repository using such a syntax repository:hg_app search_term But it;s not documented, I'll do a small search instructions when search is more stable.

Cool! Hopefully you could also add a search link within the repository view to make this more accessible.

About the graph you can, show up to 200 revisions at once changing it on the top of changelog page this way you can make the graph more "visible"

Actually, I had already found out that feature, which is nice. However, what I meant is that I'd like to be able to see more revisions at a time on the screen. To do so I would suggest that there could be a "condensed" mode which would show less info per changeset (e.g. the 1st line of the commit message), making each row less tall and hence allowing you to see more changesets (and a bigger part of the revision tree) at a glance.