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Hans SchwaebliSep 28, 2006 10:43 pm 
Michael KlossSep 29, 2006 12:36 am 
Subject:Re: How to influence CC's "Deployments by this build"?
From:Michael Kloss (
Date:Sep 29, 2006 12:36:15 am

Hi Hans,

take a look at "distributables.xsl". There CC filters the Ant-Log for jar, ejbjar, war and ear. If you would like to have zips included in the list, you have to find the zip-task in the ant-log and include this into the XSL.

Cheers, Michael

Hans Schwaebli schrieb:

In the HTML email which is sent by CC there is a section at the bottom called:

"Deployments by this build"

It only lists files with the extension ".jar".

Can I influence CC so that it lists any files I want in this section, for example some files with the extension ".zip"?

I don't want to create .jar files when I need to create .zip files, so a rename solution would not work for me.