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Subject:Re: OFBiz Maven2 Repository is available now.
From:Jacopo Cappellato (
Date:May 20, 2009 10:54:16 am

Hi Brett,

On May 20, 2009, at 4:56 PM, Brett Palmer wrote:

4. We don't change a lot of ofbiz code, but we do change configuration files (e.g. various ofbiz-component.xml files,, mail server settings, etc). We would like maven to allow us to change configuration settings more easily. Currently, we have to make the changes manually which takes time and is error prone. We would like to hide these details from the system admins and developers so all they have to run is some thing like 'mvn install development' or 'mvn install production'.

I'd suggest you to have a look at the ant targets with names *-ofbiz- patches: they are useful to manage (create/apply/revert) patches for changes to the standard components (applications and framework), e.g. changes to configuration files we have also recently added similar ant tasks to the build file for the hot-deploy component that is automatically created when you run the "create-component" target. All this stuff is intended to help following this strategy for OFBiz customizations:

1) instead of changing code in the standard OFBiz distribution, create your own hot-deploy component and use it to override/extend the applications (ui), services, entities 2) when you really need to change the standard code (ideally this should be limited to config files), then follow this approach: 2.a) do the changes 2.b) create a patch file (using the proper ant target) and save it in your custom component 2.c) everytime you rebuild your custom component, ant will take care of reverting the changes (if any) and reapplying the patches

In this way in your project svn you will only commit the custom hot- deploy component, and you'll get the standard OFBiz from the public svn.

A developer's box could be setup following, for example, these directives:

a) check out from OFBiz svn the rev. 123456 (i.e. one that you have choosen for your project) or a realease version b) check out from your private svn the hot-deploy component inside of the hot-deploy folder of OFBiz c) run "ant run-install" (or similar): when the build script of the hot-deploy folder will be executed, the patches will be applied as well

Hope it helps,