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Subject:[xwiki-devs] [VOTE] Have extension repositories in the "xwiki" GitHub Organization (
Date:Jul 7, 2014 9:39:16 am

  Hi devs,

Following the proposal thread at
I’d like to move on and I’ve prepared below a full proposal that I’d like us to
VOTE on.

Rationale/Need ===============   The needs: * Be able to extract some apps from xwiki-contrib that the XWiki Dev Team would
like to maintain. Example: File Manager app developed by Marius when it’ll have
had some releases and tests (if it doesn’t have some already!), GitHub Stats app
used on, Meeting Manager App, Forum App, etc * Be able to extract some extensions currently located in xwiki-platform but not
released with XE so that they can have a different release cycle (examples: FAQ
app, IRCBot extension, JIRA macro, etc). Having different release cycle allow to
release new versions quicker to our users (bug fixes, new features).

Governance ==========


* Extensions are VOTEd in on a case by case basis.

* Each voted extensions will have its own Git Repository in the “xwiki”
organization (so that each extension can be released independently of each

* When moving an extension either from xwiki-contrib or from xwiki-platform,
keep its Git history as much as possible or simply donate the repo to the
“xwiki" organization.

* FTM extensions bundled by default with XE would still remain in XWiki

* The Git repository name should be of the form xwiki-<short project
name>. <short project name> should be part of the VOTE.

* All rules from apply

* Each extension has a Release Manager defined and he’s responsible for defining
its own Roadmap/Release notes (if need be), on the extension page on e.x.o and
perform the releases or ensure the extension is released regularly when there
are changes.

* Each extension must follow these criteria for being VOTEd: ** A Release Manager needs to be defined in the proposal ** The extension must have had several releases already (i.e. someone wanting to
propose a new extensions that doesn’t exist would start in xwiki-contrib for ex
and prove that his extension works and is useful by doing several releases and
creating the pages on e.x.o) ** It must follow our best practices defined on (coding
practices, tests, etc) and follow the apps best practices (for apps), see ** It must have one or several integration or functional tests (for apps) to
prove that it works. This allows to prove the app continues working when XWiki
progresses ** The main contributors of the extensions must agree about the move. If they
have the “level" to be an xwiki dev committer then they should be voted in (see If not then either
they’re ok to send Pull Requests or the extension should not be moved.

* If an extension ceases to work or if its quality becomes too low, it can be
moved to xwiki-contrib with a VOTE

* We would create one JIRA project per extension

* We would create a new JIRA Category called “XWiki Extensions”

* We would put the extensions in our CI at

* The Java package should follow the same rule as for XWiki Platform, i.e.
org.xwiki.<short project name>. Exceptions would need to be discussed.

* The group id for extensions having their own repo should be org.xwiki.<short
project name>. The <short project name> needs to be part of the VOTE when
proposing a new extensions.

Here’s my +1

Thanks -Vincent