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Subject:RE: ?? SAX tips ??
From:Kamlesh Patel (
Date:Nov 9, 2000 1:37:30 am

Hi Reza,

There is a partial solution to this. It is using the builder pattern. There is a good example in the book called Applied XML solutions, chapter 1.

Might help!


-----Original Message----- From: Reza Bagherian [] Sent: 08 November 2000 17:38 To: Subject: ?? SAX tips ??

I am writing a java program to parse a document using SAX.

The output of the parsing process is a huge hierarchical java object. I am looking for tips in handling large documents with many embeded objects. Instead of having a huge startElement(), character(), and endElement methods, i am looking for ways to break down based on a more object oriented paradigm.

please do let me know, If you have any tips on SAX to accomplish the goal.

Thanks, Reza