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Marshall SchorJul 15, 2010 7:33 pm 
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Subject:[VOTE] Release all remaining build artifacts
From:Marshall Schor (
Date:Jul 15, 2010 7:33:54 pm

The remaining build artifacts have been released in a series of 4 staged releases, all to be voted on.

This is the first release of these artifacts (version 1 was canceled).

Jira's fixed:


* [UIMA-1757 <>] - use docbkx to create docbooks in place of current docbook tools project * [UIMA-1758 <>] - remove dependency on checked-out other projects * [UIMA-1759 <>] - make project versioning more conventional * [UIMA-1763 <>] - Switch to using Nexus for releasing


* [UIMA-1051 <>] - doc build not working on Linux * [UIMA-1805 <>] - change aggregate for build projects version to follow version convention for those * [UIMA-1806 <>] - fixes for releasing, in build poms * [UIMA-1813 <>] - aggregate parent pom build fails rat test


* [UIMA-1814 <>] - Try making release:prepare work with all build projects by adding in relative-path


* [UIMA-1755 <>] - Improve Maven build * [UIMA-1816 <>] - update parent-pom-top references to version 2

The release is staged in 4 staging repositories:

Suggested way to test: add this to your maven "settings" in the <profiles> section:

<profile> <id>staged-release</id> <repositories> <repository> <id>staged-release</id>

<url></url> </repository> <repository> <id>staged-release2</id>

<url></url> </repository> <repository> <id>staged-release3</id>

<url></url> </repository> <repository> <id>staged-release4</id>

<url></url> </repository> </repositories> <pluginRepositories> <pluginRepository> <id>staged-release-plugin</id>

<url></url> </pluginRepository> </pluginRepositories> </profile>

Note that all 4 staging repos are listed, and one is listed as a pluginRepository, too, because its contents are referenced by some build

The trunk has already been updated to change references to these POMs to use the to-be-released version, ready for testing with these staging repositories, when you use the maven parameter -Pstaged-release to activate this profile. For

mvn install -Pstaged-release

More background on this approach is here:

Also, please inspect the release artifacts to insure they have the proper license /notice files.

Vote open for 72 hours.

It would be very good to approve this quickly, because until the release happens, other people may have errors when building (because they will refer to the to-be-released versions), unless they use the same "settings.xml" setup described above.

[ ] +1 [ ] +0 [ ] -1

Thanks for your help in checking/verifying, in advance!