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Subject:Where to keep test only files that are needed in multiple projects?
From:Florian Schätz (
Date:Dec 22, 2016 6:33:28 am


let's assume a simple maven project consisting of two modules:

- myproject-basicstuff - myproject-application which myproject-application has the myproject-basicstuff as a dependency.

Now let's say we have an arbitrary class in myproject-basicstuff:

public class Data {

...has some data content...


Since I am using AssertJ, I want to create a custom Assert for that...

public class DataAssert extends AbstractObjectAssert<DataAssert, Data> {



(If you don't know assertions, simply assume a Hamcrest matcher or similar.)

All of this is pretty straight-forward, but now there's one problem: Where to put the custom assertion?

If I put DataAssert into myproject-basicstuff/src/main/java, then I need to include AssertJ as a runtime dependency, "polluting" my classpath with it - because I only actually need AssertJ during test time.

If I put DataAssert into myproject-basicstuff/src/test/java, then I cannot use it in myproject-application, since the test classpath doesn't get inherited.

If I create an additional module myproject-basicstuff-test, then I cannot use it in myproject-basicstuff, since that would be a circular dependency...

So, is there a chance to somehow keep the whole shebang in the test scope?