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Martina WallerNov 27, 2007 1:57 am 
Subject:Re: [online_help] How to split too long help files?
From:Martina Waller (Mart@Sun.COM)
Date:Nov 27, 2007 1:57:00 am

Hi David

David King wrote:

Hi Martina

I looked at: 'Scripting OpenOffice (index entry: scripting in programming)'

I thought the page length was fine - there's good information there about assigning scripts, and it is easy to access.

The problem I thought was most evident is that this is not actually a page on 'Scripting OpenOffice' - it is a page on 'assigning scripts to menus /buttons etc.'

I'm not sure whether it is supposed to be the entry point for someone looking for info on scripting, but if so I'm afraid it fails - almost no info, and no links...

It might be better re-titled 'assigning scripts...' or 'using scripts...'?

To be honest I didn't understand the index entry either (sorry :) ) - can't 'scripting in programming' be simplified to 'scripting' (if the page is supposed to describe that)? Or to 'assigning scripts...' or 'using scripts...'?

I changed the title to "Assigning Scripts in OpenOffice" to make it more specific and deleted the misleading index entry. (The index entry "assigning scripts" already exists by the way)


If you really wanted to hold the user's hand on this page, you could possibly link to each paragraph at the top, putting the link in bold ?

'You can assign custom scripts (macros) to: <menu items>, <icons>, <dialog controls> .....'

I was thinking in that direction, too. Thanks for your comments.


Just an idea. Reduces the amount of scrolling a bit.