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Subject:Re: VM candidate/knowledge : JNode
From:Ewout Prangsma (
Date:May 19, 2005 11:31:12 pm


Running on another OS should be fairly doable, just strip the os part from it, adding JNI is also doable.

At what cost... well certainly not out of the box, but a couple of weeks should do it (if someone is focused on it)


Renaud BECHADE wrote:

Hi, the /main/ question I think: Is it possible to use it on top of say *BSD / Linux with JNI enabled, and at what cost?

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PS: what is the status of supported device drivers? Do you plan to support NDIS wrappers for instance? (I must use that for FreeBSD on Dell notebook, for the wifi... :-( )

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Hi all,

Since I heard you're investigating several VM options, so I want to inform you of the JNode virtual machine. is an open source java operating system that is written almost entirely in java. Only a very small nano-kernel is written in assembler, no C is used at all.

The virtual machine of is implemented in java itself and works by compiling java bytescodes to native code. Currently we support x86 and x86_64 code generators. JNode makes use of the Classpath runtime libraries and now contains our own memory management & GC solution, but we're currently integrating the MMTk memory manager that was originally developed for JikesRVM.

The JNode VM currently supports most of the J2SE 5.0 language features, except for annotations (they can be compiled in, but not retrieved at runtime). Besides this, we're in the process of implementing Isolate (JSR 121) support. The low level VM support for this is already there.

The current status of the JNode operating system is still very development like, but we're well able to run several java programs and we have support for several filesystems, a tcp/ip layer, an early graphics layer and various drivers for netword cards, video cards, harddisk controllers etc. All info can be found on

I can offer you guys knowledge about writing a java VM in java in a fully self contained environment. Code contributions can also be thought of, but then several issues (mainly licensing) have to be discused.

If you want to know more, please let me know.

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