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Subject:[Rails] Re: editors / IDE
From:Jeff Moss (
Date:Dec 16, 2004 4:54:05 am

I'm curious, doesn't anybody use emacs on the mac? Everybody has their favorite mac text editor, but what about emacs? I know people use it with their linux/bsd pc. It has great ruby support; integrated debugger, runs in an ssh window with ansi color support, multiple windows in said ssh term....

Screen is nice, I use it for some tasks, sometimes I have 4 or 5 screens running BitTorrent, wget, and whatever else I'm downloading. I'll also open up 2 emacs windows and run a shell in one so I can use the emacs clipboard and macros in the shell.

I don't get why people use these mac text editors though, they look like microsoft wordpad or something, little buttons at the top and everything. Care to explain? I don't even own a mac so please enlighten me.

Also, I read on slashdot that kdevelop has ruby support now. I don't know how it compares with eclipse, but if you like the .NET style IDE kdevelop might be what you're looking for. As for me, emacs is all the IDE I need.


P.S. Vim is nice too...

Nicholas Van Weerdenburg wrote:

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* Nicholas Van Weerdenburg (
[041215 17:03]:

Screen sounds interesting, though I don't quite get what it is yet.

It's really two things: one is a way to open multiple terminal/shell sessions under one program (maybe think of it as something of a window manager for the command-line), and the other is, well... Have you ever had the experience where you logged in on your machine and were doing something fairly important (like compiling up some kernel or something), and then get called away and end up at some other machine (like maybe even you went home from the office) and wish you could somehow "latch onto" that shell you had running and drag it to you? Screen is the thing that, if you're using it, lets you do that.

And lets not forget the -x command line switch, which allows you to have multiple terminals looking at one and the same instance of screen. Absolutely awesome if you want to demonstrate something on the console over a network connection.

I've spent the last hour playing with screen, and it's amazing. OS X comes with it already installed, which was nice.

The -x option is great. I imaging people use that for pair programming with vim or emacs. I opened several connections and watched all the windows update as I typed.