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Subject:[sandbox] New sandbox component
From:Bruno P. Kinoshita (
Date:Oct 26, 2014 4:41:33 pm

Hello all,  At the moment I'm working with data matching and record linkage, and had to port
some existing string comparison algorithms found in several open source projects
(fuzzy-search-tools, simmetrics, lingpipe, [lang], [codec]). At that time I noticed LANG-591 [1], which suggests a more complex levenshtein
distance algorithm. There are several other algorithms too (damerau-levenshtein,
jaro, jaro-wrinkler, jaccard, bitap, q-gram, soundex, metaphone). Instead of
trying to put them all in, say, [lang], I'd like to experiment with a new [text]
component in the sandbox, if there are no objections.  I will take a look at the existing code and its license, but most of these
algorithms have good Wiki pages with pseudo code available; as well as academic
papers.  Maybe this component could be useful for other projects like [lang], Lucene,
larsga/Duke, and Talend Open Studio. And even though my initial use case for
this would be string comparison, I think it could support other use cases too. Thoughts on this? Anyone else interested on such a component?  Thanks!Bruno [1]