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Subject:Re: [maildropl] forwarding mail via maildrop to same account on other servers?
From:Thomas Seifert (
Date:Nov 11, 2007 2:54:02 pm

Sam Varshavchik schrieb:

Thomas Seifert writes:

Hey folks,

for moving mail-services to another server I usually used the transport-maps to forward single accounts or domains to another server while dns has to keep up with the changes. With using maildrop as virtual-delivery agent this doesn't seem to work. Therefore I'm wondering if there is any way to forward mails to the same email-addresse but on another server?

With transport maps it was something like: :[]

Maildrop does not deliver mail for the entire mail server, it handles mail delivery for an individual account only. Therefore, to forward all mail from one account to some other account, just use the "to" command in the first account's .maildropfilter.

Hi Sam,

thanks for your reply. The problem is, that I want to send to this account on another server: e.g. I'm sending to and I want to "forward" the mail to at host Is there any solution for that?