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Subject:Re: Broken loader on 7.1-STABLE?
From:John Rushford (
Date:Jan 21, 2009 5:45:02 pm

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On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 06:22:00PM -0700, John Rushford wrote:


Perhaps mine is a different issue but I ran into this today.

I loaded FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE from a DVD onto an Apple Mac Pro after partitioning a drive with bootcamp. The install went quite well and the machine came up with no issues. I configured networking, X, and got gnome working. I setup cvsup and loaded the STABLE sources, ran make buildworld, make kernel, etc...

I attempted to boot into single user to run mergemaster, installworld, etc.. But the machine will not boot, I now get the following errror and prompt:

Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ad9s1a

Manual root filesystem specification: <fstype>:<device> Mount <device> using filesystem <fstype> e.g. ufs:da0s1a ? List valid disk boot devices <empty line> Abort manual input

I input ufs:/dev/ad9s1a to no avail and ? Does not list any other devices.

I've booted from the DVD and gone into Fixit mode and can mount /dev/ad9s1a just fine. I thought that I'd try putting back loader.old on the off chance that might solve the problem but, I do not see a loader.old, just loader. The kernel.old directory is there.

Any ideas on what the issue might be and how to fix?

Appreciate the help as I'd like to get 7.1-STABLE running on this machine.

Did the kernel probe messages prior to the mountroot prompt indicate that the appropriate disk controllers were found/probed and that the disk devices were found on the disk controllers? The lack of any devices listed when you asked might indicate a kernel configuration problem.


P.S. Please do not top post.

I believe the appropriate disk controllers were found, I had no trouble mounting the root filesystem while in Fixit. I'll double check this evening and let you know. I have gone back and booted without issue from kernel.old and the machine is running 7.1-RELEASE.

Hmm, I have 3 disks in this Mac Pro with FreeBSD installed on the disk in Bay 3. When I boot the 7.1-RELEASE GENERIC kernel from the DVD install, these 3 disks are named ad8, ad9, and ad10. The FreeBSD resides on ad9s1a. I built 7.1-STABLE GENERIC kernel with no modifications except to comment out the debug option. When I boot this kernel, the disks are re-named as ad6, ad7, and ad8 and I'm dropped into this prompt:

Manual root filesystem specification:

<fstype>:<device> Mount <device> using filesystem <fstype> e.g. ufs:da0s1a ? List valid disk boot devices <empty line> Abort manual input

? Lists no valid disks.

Next I boot from DVD with the 7.1-RELEASE Kernel and the disks are named as before, I can mount /dev/ad9s1a and switch back to the 7.1-RELEASE kernel in /boot to get the machine back up.

Any ideas?

BTW, its a Mac Pro and an AMD64 kernel