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Subject:Re: how to override publication-title in the default publication
From:Xiang Li (
Date:Jun 11, 2008 1:02:10 am

I think i didn't make my question clear.

I have two publications default and mypub, while mypub use default as a template. Mypub has no sitemap.xmap inside and simply inherits that from default.

The current problem is the lenya property file and i18n messages are resolved against the template default , not against the publication mypub.

cheers, Xiang

Bhavya Sharma wrote:

Basically the value for $author come from the correponding /content/pagename/index_en.xml or from the during the updation done from cms , however bydefault all page will share page2xhtml.xsl so f you change the title in page2xhtml.xsl it will get changed for every page

or take a look at

On 6/10/08, *Xiang Li* < <>> wrote:

Hi Bhavya!

Thanks! Directly change page2xhtml.xsl can surely achieve that. However, my goal is not only to change the single title, but also to understand the mechanism of lenya. Could you explain a little bit how the i18n messages and properties are handled in lenya, or are there any documents i can take a look at ?

In page2xhtml.xsl it is <td id="publication-title"> <i18n:translate> <i18n:text>publication-title</i18n:text> <i18n:param><xsl:value-of select="$author"/></i18n:param> </i18n:translate> </td> While the parameter $author seems to be given in default/sitemap.xmap : <map:parameter name="author" value="{}"/>

cheers, Xiang

Bhavya Sharma wrote:

try to find it inside page2xhtml.xsl in side xslt folder

On 6/10/08, *Xiang Li* < <> < <>>> wrote:

Hi! As i was customizing the default publication, i tried to change the publication title ("welcome to ...") at the header of the live view pages. I did the following changes in the hope of overriding both the i18n message and the property:

1. add under $mypub/, and add <property name="" value="Me"/>

2. add to the directory $mypub/lenya/resources/i18n/ a file cmsui.xml with the publication-title message changed.

However, when i built and lauched the web server again, the publication title was not changed, even after i refreshed several times. Could somebody tell me why? Is it possible to override the i18n messages and/or the properties ?


cheers, Xiang

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-- Thanks

Bhavya Sharma

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Bhavya Sharma