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David N. WeltonOct 24, 2002 9:52 pm 
Subject:Re: Statically conversion from rvt to html
From:David N. Welton (
Date:Oct 24, 2002 9:52:04 pm

Maurice Diamantini <> writes:

I not sure it'the right place to ask for, but I'like to experiment (some basic feature of) rivet without any apache server.

Actually, it's certainly the right place to ask! Although, to tell the truth, doesn't have much traffic either, and there are more people on it. So I'll CC it.

I'd like an executable like rvt2html which could help me writing html code more efficiently.

I know about expand in tcllib, but if I could do the same with rivet, I could then ask to our administror to add the rivet apache module for testing.

So - you would like to see some Tcl code that does what the Rivet apache module does? Or a stand-alone executable? Both of them are goals of the Rivet project, although I don't have the resources to create either one in the near future. Writing the Tcl to parse up .rvt files would be easy - the more problematic bit is providing commands to replace commands such as [upload] and [var].

Does that help?

I haven't seen any FAQ and I did'nt subscibe to any rivest mailing list,

The docs are at:

Let me know if there is anything missing there that you would like to see.