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Subject:[Nagios-users] Service Return Code 255 Problem
From:Novak, Mark (
Date:Nov 14, 2008 8:40:19 am

Hello Everyone,

I have searched the archives and also googled for my scenario, but have not found any answers that relate.

I am running Nagios 3.0.5 stable to monitor a few servers and services.

For one particular SAP server, I am using the check_sap_ccms service to check some SAP services. Seemingly randomly yesterday, two of the SAP checks (FrontEndNetTime and DialogResponseTime) have started showing a "Return Code of 255 is out of bounds" error in the Nagios log and also on the web front end. Strangely, those are just two of about 10 different checks that all use the same "check_sap_ccms" check with the same argument for hostname and only these two are having errors. Even stranger, I can execute those two checks via command line and they work fine. The error is only in Nagios.

Any advice on where to look would be much appreciated!