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Subject:Re: Cannot find dispatch method for XXX using "Payload QName-based Dispatcher"
From:Vivek Pandey (Vive@Sun.COM)
Date:Aug 14, 2007 2:10:50 pm


So that we can track please report an issue on JAX-WS RI.



Farrukh Najmi wrote:

Vivek Pandey wrote:

Hi Farrukh,

JAX-WS runtime does dispatching based on either QName or SOAPAction value. From the stack trace it looks like there are more than one operation which reference the global element {}SomeClass. The runtime does not know which one to dispatch.

Basically in a WSDL you can have the operations either pointing to a unique global element or have unique value of SOAPAction on wsdl:binding/wsdl:operation element in the WSDL.

To find out which JAX-WS runtime is being used, there are 2 ways: see the deployed WSDL, you should see JAX-WS RI version number there or capture the SOAP message trace, HTTP header User-Agent will tell which version of JAX-WS RI you are using.

OK the cause for this problem has been found. Thanks Vivek and Kohsuke for their help. Vivek suggested I comment out in WSDL all but the offending endpoint. When I did I got a 404 error on client when invoking endpoint.

The cause was that I was incorrectly setting endpoint URL for port X to that of endpoint URL for port Y. Things worked on Port Y invocation (obviously) and not for port X invocation (obviously).

I suggest improving the "Cannot find dispatch method for XXX" error to include endpoint URL and suggest:

"Please check that the endpoint URL is correct for the endpoint you are invoking"

Above would save a lot of grief.

Thanks again for the terrific help and sorry for the false alarm.